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Disinfection spray machine


1: Put the atomizing sterilizer in the car. It is better to turn on the air conditioner (cold air) at the same time for medium air internal circulation.

2: Plug in first,

3: Turn on the key below (to the 1 vertical side), and wait for the indicator light on the top of the handle to come on.

4: Put in the disinfectant water, adjust the time and close the window (lead the plug out of the door gap without pressing the line

5: after spraying, disconnect the power in about 5 minutes, remove the machine quickly, and close the car door for 10 minutes to complete the construction.

6: After the machine is taken out, clean it with clean water (switch to: 1 vertical side),

7: Finally, press the intermediate o reset switch to return to the position.

When disinfecting, it's better to turn on the air conditioner (cold air) to circulate air at the same time, and open the car doors and windows for ventilation for 10 minutes.

[voltage] 220V / 50Hz

[color] white

[power] 1500W

[control] automatic timing switch

[air volume] less than 10m3 / h


[mute index] 40-50db (a)

[gross weight] 11.6kg

[size] 49 * 38 * 79cm

[packing number] 4 / PCS

[size of the whole package] 79 * 38 * 49cm

[whole weight] 14.5kg

Long distance, thick smoke, covering an area of about 20-50 square meters

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